Concrete Guttering (Finlock) Removal

Concrete guttering or (finlock) guttering as it's known, was designed in the 50's and 60's as a low cost and quick alternative to finish off above wall plate without the cost of fascias, soffits and lintels. But and this is a big but, due to the low regulations and bad foresight, unfortunately above each window where reinforcement bar is needed sadly only a fraction of the required steel which is much needed is used, therefore leading each and every house susceptible to movement and displacement of the concrete fin lock guttering causing it to drop or sag above the windows, which in turn traps rain water causing damp within the house. In the past there has been a quick fix to this problem which can be costly and is required on a regularly bases, but it’s only a temporary fix. The only permanent solution to the problem is to completely remove the concrete fin lock guttering once and for all, like we say you only have to do it once so do it right.    Don’t settle for second best contact Fascias First.

The Process...

The process of the removal of the concrete finlock guttering is simple if carried out correctly. It's not a long procedure (approximately two days) per household. But there are certain issues that need to be addressed, the first being safety.

The removal of concrete finlock guttering is heavy, dirty and if not carried out by a specialist team of professionals could be dangerous due to the large sections of concrete that have to be taken away.
Thats why here at fascias first we don't cut corners or take chances. We only employ fully insured, certified and trusted tradesmen to erect a safe working platform, unlike other so called companies who use aluminium quickform or easydeck platforms, which are what they say (quick and easy) but are not suited to removal of concrete finlock guttering, so don't take the chance and let it be your property that somebody gets hurt!

After the scaffold has been erected, we remove the first row of existing tiles and lathes to expose the concrete finlock gutter.

We cut into the concrete finlock gutter and remove back to external brick line and place immediately into a small skip which is provided.

We fix fully treated timber to the exposed cut line and trim below window returns. Then fix high quality replacement fascia to the treated timber wall plate.

An over fascia ventilator or (ubink) is then screwed down to the fascia, this has three purposes, firstly it allows the roof to breath, complying with BBA specifications. Secondly it provides a continuous felt line, ensuring that all rain water runs straight into the gutter. Thirdly it provides a bird guard which stops any unwanted guests invading your roof space.

After fixing the new guttering and downpipes we replace the roof tiles to their original position. Then we clean the whole area and remove the scaffold and the skip. (Which is often half empty so if you have any garden debris your welcome to fill it before it goes.)


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